Roland Bosshard

Roland Bosshard was born on the 15th of August 1981 in Zürich (Switzerland). He is married to Monique Hofer, a jumping rider. They both have two children, Mathieu and Sam. 

In 1996 he started his apprenticeship as a farrier which he finished at 2000. From 1999 till 2001 Roland did his Military training as a farrier. In 2005 he took a qualified farrier course followed by a training course from 2006-2008 as master farrier. In 2014 he took over the farrier business of E. Hofer AG in Müntschemier. 

Roland participated in in in various farrier competition and helped organising the European Farrier Championship of 2018.

Magnus Smederöd

Magnus Smederöd was born on a farm 1976 in Sweden. He got interested in horses when his father decided to rent out a farm to a stud for trotters. 

He started shoeing horses 27 years ago and has a master-exam in farriery. He can also work with Werkman Black to provide a perfect insight in how the horses hooves  move. 

Magnus shoes all kinds of sport horses in reining, showjumping, dressage and eventing horses. He is a proud member of the Werkman farrier team and will be happy to judge at the Werkman Spring Games.

Mark Watson RVM, FWCF

Mark Watson trained as a farrier in the British Army and qualified in 1994. His final post in the Army was that of Farrier Sergeant Major, running the Army School of Farriery, responsible for all courses, training and examinations. He now runs a selective farriery business and continues to train and help people toward higher examinations both in the UK, USA and other parts of the world.

Mark is a Worshipful Company of Farriers Higher Examiner and holds the highest qualification – the FWCF. He shoes a variety of horses including International showjumpers, dressage horses and British Team event horses. He has recently taken on a role with the British Equestrian Federation Dressage Team.

A keen competitor, he has competed in the World Championships, European Championships for Great Britain and over 15 years International competitions at Stoneleigh. He has judged at the highest level in numerous countries and in 2015 judged the Werkman Spring Games.

Mark is a firm believer in working with other farriers to increase knowledge and improve the standard of his own work. He regularly spends time with farriers both in the UK and Europe, taking in their views on high end competition horses, their abnormalities and problem feet.

Andrew Casserly

Andrew Casserly started farriery apprenticeship with Michael Cerullo in 1974. He served his four year apprenticeship and gained his RRS in 1978 and his AWCF in 1984 and then the hardest of all for him! his FWCF in 2018.

Andrew is a WCF company judge and examiner. He has trained 17 apprentices including his two sons Ben and Jack who now run the business. He enjoys Farriery competitions and is extremely proud when both his sons competed on the English horse shoeing team.

He now holds small “hands on“ clinics from his forge and has begun to make garden sculptures and art in which he finds very rewarding. As he reduces his time from the family business he enjoys spending more time in his garden with his wife and dogs.