Frequently Asked Questions


If you want to know more about the Spring Games, please fill in the contact form via this link.

We will start our sale on the 16th of September 2020

We are forced to calculate the TAX on ticket sales, because the event takes places in The Netherlands. The government obliges us to pay TAX.

Notice: you can reclaim the TAX through your own government. Consult your own government for this matter.

Because we think September is a better month for an event like the Spring Games and we hope the weather is a bit warmer in September as well.

No, we will not. We believe the Spring Games is very famous and everybody knows it from name.

Yes you can, but we cannot guarantee that at that moment there are still tickets available. To be sure you better can buy the tickets online before coming to the event.

Unfortunately not. We are very busy organizing the event at the site and therfor there is no time to do factory tours. We are more then happy to show you around any another time.

We will wear clothes with Werkman Spring Games Crew on it. You can ask us anything.


There are 3 classes: novice, intermediate and open.

We have 40 spots in novice, 40 in intermediate en 80 in the open class.

Magnus Smederöd (Sweden) and Roland Bosshard (Switserland) for novice and intermediate class
Mark Watson (UK) and Andrew Casserly (UK) for the open class.

Find out more about our judges via this link

Send us your details through the contact form and we will put you on the waiting list. You can send us your details via this link.


Now! Here is the link to our tickets where you can also book your own spot in the competition area.

4m2, 8m2 or 12m2 stands are available.

4m2 stand: includes a table of 200x 60 cm, with 2 benches and electricity (normal 220 V)

8m2 stand: includes two tables of 200x 60 cm, with 4 benches and electricity (normal 220 V)

12m2 stand: includes three tables of 200x 60 cm, with 6 benches and electricity (normal 220 V)

Yes, you can buy extra tickets via this link.

That is possible, we have time slots of half an hour during lunch time. You can book it here. If you need a horse, please fill in the contact form so we can contact you about that.

Please book your stand together and next to eachother on the map provided in ticketsales.

The situation in the Postwagen has changed, we now have a much bigger area for the competition and standowners, you will have to seek a new spot in the competition area. You can pick your own spot if you are buying your tickets.


We now can confirm Christoph Mueling and Jenny Hagen as speakers. We are constantly adding new names to the program, find out which other speakers will come to the event via this link.

We place them on our website with a bio and a small summary of their subject. Futhermore we will present them on our social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

The lectures will be in English. We will try to arrange translators to German and Dutch. If you want it translated in your own language, please contact us for the possiblities via this link. (you can bring your own interpretor).


You can take the train, buy a ticket to Groningen Central Station (find our more via this link), there you can take a taxi to the eventsite in Tolbert. Or you can rent a car. It is approx 2 hours drive to Tolbert from Amsterdam Schiphol (Airport), here are the directions.

By your own car.

Or with the shuttle bus which will drive from time to time to the hotel (mostly early in the morning and late at night). We will communicate the schedule on our website and at the event. If you have missed the bus, please call a taxi or ask your fellow farriers.

You can order a taxi by using one of the following contact details:

Taxi Noordenveld

Phone: +31615231965

Taxi Nuis

Phone: +31594549999

Ofcourse, please ask any of the Werkman crew or at the info desk. They will order a taxi for you.


We have different possibilties and arrangements with hotels, you can find the hotels and their telephone numbers via this link.

Yes, you can book your camping spot via this link.

Unfortunately the Russian Army wagons are not available at the weekend of the Spring Games. There is a budget hotel available in the city centre of Groningen.


Depends on the ticket you have bought, but a full conference or a full competition ticket is including lunch and dinner and access to all areas. If you have bought a visitor ticket it gives acces to all areas but no lunch and dinner. A partner ticket gives access and is including lunch and dinner. Please read carefully on your ticket what you are entitled to.